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Our goal is to provide high quality chiropractic care with a personal touch. Our Chiropractors in Salt Lake City, Utah will make every effort to treat patients as an individual and extend to them the dignity and respect that they deserve.

It is our responsibility as a Salt Lake City chiropractic team to present to each patient a comprehensive chiropractic treatment approach to their health issues. SLC Chiropractors at Canada Chiropractic will clearly explain all the treatment options and help our patient participate in their own healing process. Canada Chiropractic is trusted by many as the best Chiropractor Salt Lake City has to offer

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“About a year and a half ago my car was hit head on by an SUV that was traveling at 70 mph on the Highway. Among other injuries I suffered from severe whiplash and was unable to drive my car or work for 8 weeks. I began physical therapy three times a week as well as seeing a chiropractor twice a week. After almost a year of treatment I was still in constant pain and saw very little improvement to my range of motion or the severity of my headaches. I found Dr Canada last fall and began seeing her on a regular basis. Since then my range of motion has increased significantly, and the frequency and severity of my headaches have been noticeably less. Dr Canada does so much more than just the usual adjustment to my back and neck. She uses laser therapy, taping and Graston therapy working both on my spine and my muscles. I never thought I would see such improvement in my pain levels and for the first time in almost two years believe that one day I will live without pain.”
“I have known Angie for approximately 20 years. I’ve watched as she’s grown from a high school kid into a truly remarkable adult. Angie has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and continues to add to her knowledge each and every day. I have watched as she put herself through Massage Therapy School where she learned the intricacies of the human body and started her journey to help heal people in pain and ease their suffering. Now Angie has become Dr. Canada. She wasn’t satisfied with just massage therapy, she moved on to learn the art of Chiropractic and truly became a healer. We have taken my son Chance to her for therapy and has diagnosed and adjusted issues my son has with an old injury. She works well with him and can interact with Chance at his level of understanding. I admire this. Dr. Canada has also offered advice regarding issues with my son’s frontal lobe injury, issues with his autism and supports us in coming up with ideas that may help his journey in life. It is our intention to work with and support Dr. Canada for many years to come. She truly is a blessing to our family.”
“I have gone to a number of different chiropractors over the years, but never really felt like I was getting the results that I was looking for. The thing I have enjoyed the most about working with Dr. Canada is that she goes beyond the basic chiropractic work that you’d expect. She has helped me with kinesio taping, stretches, cramping issues, posture and so much more. I really enjoy her diversified technique which really gets to the root of my problems. I’ve been extremely happy with the results that I am getting, and especially with how much better I am moving and feeling!”
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