What is Kinesio Tape? If you have watched the Olympics in the past 10 years you have probably seen Kinesio Tape. Also known as K-Tape, it is the brightly colored tape that the athletes are usually seen wearing on their shoulder or knees.


Kinesio Tapes helps decrease pain by increasing lymph drainage. The tape is like a sticky Ace Bandage so it is very stretchy and does not restrict range of motion like traditional white athletic tape. The stretch of the K-Tape helps to pull the skin away from the muscle opening up the interstitial space, resulting in improved lymph flow. The increase in lymph flow helps the body decrease inflammation and clear waste more effectively.

K-Tape can also be used to re-educate the neuromuscular system by stimulating the proprioceptive fibers in the muscles and tendons. Because the tape stimulates proprioception many athletes will wear the tape when they are competing to prevent injury.

Most of the taping applications in the office are done to help decrease inflammation and pain, but we do have a few patients that come in for tape to get ready for their athletic events.

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