Neck pain is the second most common cause for people to seek treatment from a chiropractor. Just like with low back pain chiropractic care is a very effective neck pain treatment.

A majority of the time neck pain is caused by joint restrictions in the cervical spin combined with imbalanced neck muscles. This is called upper crossed syndrome.


Most everyone will suffer from upper cross syndrome sometime in his or her life. This is because pretty much everything we do shortens our pectoral and upper trapezius muscles. When we drive a car, work on a computer, look at our phone, read a book, or ride a bike, we are engaging our pecs and upper trap muscles causing them to be short and tight.

At the same time, very few people strengthen their low trapezius and deep neck flexor muscles so they become long and weak. This muscle imbalance causes our head to go forward and puts more pressure on the joints of the cervical spine, leading to restrictions.

The best treatment for upper cross syndrome is a combination of chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue massage. This will help restore joint function and get the tight muscles to relax. Dr. Canada will also prescribe home exercises to help strengthen the weak muscles.

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