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Spinal Care

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Chiropractic care has been changing for the better over the last few years. It is moving more into science-based treatments and away from the original chiropractic doctrine that subluxations of the vertebrae contribute to most illnesses and diseases.

In the past, a Chiropractor would only focus on spinal care and make claims that spinal misalignment contributed to illnesses and diseases of the body. Chiropractors got a bad reputation in the past because of their denial of germ theory and their stance on vaccinations. Chiropractors now study pathology and believe that diseases can develop from multiple causes including bacteria and viruses. Chiropractic care still focuses on the spine but also treat joints that are outside of the spine like joints of the arms, legs, ribs and jaw.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

Chiropractic Care in Salt Lake City

Chiropractic care is also more integrated meaning most chiropractors will combine their adjustments with other treatment methods, such as massage, nutritional advice, and home exercise just to name a few.

Another trend in chiropractic care is that chiropractors have moved away from taking X-rays to diagnose joint subluxations. Research has shown that, due to anatomical variations and positioning errors, X-ray is not a very diagnostic tool when it comes to subluxations. Most chiropractors now just rely on orthopedic test and palpation to diagnose joint subluxations and restrictions.

So what does all of this mean? This means that chiropractic care is becoming more mainstream and being backed by the medical community. I believe that this will benefit our patients as well as our profession as a whole.

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