Most people are not aware that chiropractors are able to treat Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain. TMJ issues are usually caused by joint dysfunction and muscle tightening so chiropractic care is a great way to treat those issues. We can usually help get you out of pain in just a few visits.


TMJ treatments are a little different from other chiropractic treatments because half of the treatment is done inside your mouth. There are two muscles inside your mouth that are located between your cheek and your last upper molar. These muscles are called the medial pterygoid muscle and lateral pterygoid muscle. These pterygoid muscles become very tight when you have TMJ dysfunction. The best way to get these muscles to release is to find the trigger point in the muscle and apply pressure to get it to release. Dr. Canada does this by putting a gloved finger in your mouth and finding those trigger points and releasing them.

Once you have released the pterygoid muscles Dr. Canada will use a tool that applies gentle pressure to the outside of the TMJ joint to restore motion to the joint. Most patients feel like they can open their mouths wider and have less pressure in the joint following the first treatment.

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